Fitness Dynamics Strength & Wellness Facility

Sets the Highest Standard in Personal Strength & Wellness Training

The “Gold Standard” Training Facility

We offer Several Training Programs based upon our clients individual requirements.

Personal Training Program

One to One Only – Superior Strength Training using top of the line MedX and Nautilus Machines along with Woodway Treadmills, SciFit Bikes, Arc Trainers & Free-weights. Combined  with the Nutritional Program to give you the results you expect.

Neck & Back Program

Our Neck & Back Strengthening Program utilizing all 5 of the MedX Medical Range of Fitness Machines. Lumbar Extension, Cervical Extension, Cervical Rotation, Rotary Torsion and Knee Extension Machines.

Core Body Program

Our Core Body Program uses the MedX Core Strengthening Range of machines; Lumbar Spine, 4 Way Neck, Rotary Torso, Abdominal and Super Stretch machines. This program is especially worthwhile for the over 50’s and will ensure that you are in the best possible physical shape.

Circuit Training Program

Circuit Training sessions consist of between 3 – 8 people at a time but you must also be willing to work on your nutrition so we can ensure the best results for your health. You will still receive two or three “one on one” evaluation sessions.

Membership Program

Now of course when you have become a success, with our programs, We do not want to see you go so we offer a membership to our facility. You enjoy the benefits of our on-going expertise and are still able to train at the best facility in the business.

Cardio Program

All of our clients will take part in the Fitness Dynamics Specialized Cardio program. We have  a variety of extremely high quality cardio machines ranging from  Woodway Treadmills,  SciFit Bikes and Arc Trainers.

2,400 sq ft – Specialized Strength Training Facility

Full Line MedX Medical Machines for Back & Neck Strengthening

Full Line of MedX Core Machines ~ Full Line MedX Strength Machines

  • Fitness Dynamics New Facility 2
  • Fitness Dynamics New Facility 12
  • Fitness Dynamics New Facility 1
  • Fitness Dynamics New Facility 3
  • Fitness Dynamics New Facility 4
  • Fitness Dynamics New Facility 5
  • Fitness Dynamics New Facility 6
  • Fitness Dynamics New Facility 7
  • Fitness Dynamics New Facility 8
  • Fitness Dynamics New Facility 9
  • Fitness Dynamics New Facility 10
  • Fitness Dynamics New Facility 11
  • Fitness Dynamics New Facility 13
  • Fitness Dynamics New Facility

More than 70 Pieces of Equipment

With More than 70 individual pieces of specialized machines from the big brand names such a sMedX, Nautilus and Woodway. Our clients get the very best of workout environments most amazing workouts around!

  • Full Line of MedX Strength Machines
  • Full Line of all 5 MedX Core Machines
  • Full Line of all 5 MedX Medical Machines
  • Full Line of 1st Generation Nautilus Machines
  • Woodway Treadmills and SciFit Bikes
  • ArcTrainers and Free Weights

Part of every program at the Fitness Dynamics Strength & Wellness Facility is our all important Highly Specialized Nutrition Program

We implement supplements in your health program with guided nutrition. See our client testimonials for proof of our results after 21 years of being in the business.

I highly recommend Greg as a personal fitness trainer…Training with Greg was a very good and changing experience I would not want to have missed. ~ Gunter Baum
Gunter Baum
Dear Greg, I’d recommend your training program as one of the best investments anyone could make! ~ Ed Lorenz
Edi Lorenz
I can’t thank Greg enough for his help and my new figure. ~ Kathlene Ferraro
Kathlene Ferraro
Within the first 3 months of working with Greg I shed 40 pounds and reconstructed my body’s appearance. ~ Dr. Marshall Skolnik
Dr. Marshall Skolnik
With Greg’s workout program, I was able to reach the goals I had set for myself. I am now more trim and stronger and feel great knowing that I have a more healthy body, both inside and out. ~ Orlando Morales
Orlando Morales
Greg’s patience, understanding of the human body, excellent and well maintained equipment, and outstanding skill are hard to find in a personal trainer. I recommend him without reserve. ~ Patti Rayner
Patti Rayner
Greg I wish to thank you for all the assistance, direction and most importantly patience. You have all the attributes of someone who genuinely cares about others and wants them to succeed. Frank Ivacic
Frank Ivacic

Massage Therapy is Offered Along With Our Wellness Program.

  • Relief Massage Therapy with Tanny
  • Fitness Dynamics Relief Massage
  • Relief Massage Therapist
  • Relief Massage Therapy
  • Relief Massage Logo

Remember falling as a child and your parent rubbed your hurt better. The rubbing improved the blood flow and helped take away the pain.

For century’s massage therapy has taken away pain. Over the years many different techniques have been used.

Relief has taken the best of these techniques and offers therapy designed for you. Our therapist will ask you what problems you have and use techniques to improve blood flow to the areas that give pain.

Several Benefits of “Relief” Massage:

  • Relief from anxiety and other physical and emotional tension
  • Your flexibility will be improved as will your sleep
  • You will find that you become far more energetic
  • You will have a clearer mind as the flow of energy throughout your body is released
  • Many medical reliefs are claimed; from asthma, migraines, sprains and bruises

Special Prices to 30th Nov 2014

Regularly 1 Hour Session is $120 ~ Special Grand Opening Price is $80

Regularly 1.5 Hour Session is $170 ~ Special Grand Opening Price is $120

Regularly 2 Hours Session is $220 ~ Special Grand Opening Price is $180

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